Vine Garden Oasis Fine Art Glass and Silver Cabochon Bracelet

Vine Garden Oasis ~ Fine Art Glass and Silver cabochon bracelet
This piece is a large break through in my journey of glass and metal. I have hand blown the glass and inlayed the cabs into the hand fabricated sterling silver bezels. Each bezel was then accented with pure silver PMC flowers, leaves, dots and vines to create a unique piece of art.  The metal was all hand stamped with flowers and fabricated and is truly an original piece of work.  Glass cabs were created with a soft soda lime glass enhanced with silver to create the opal iridescent look. Rich blues, bronze, greens and purple hues glitter in the encased glass. The glass is flamed with a torch and then kiln annealed to strengthen and add durability to the glass.  Once all the component pieces were created the glass was inlayed into the metal pieces to create an amazing piece. Bracelet measures 8 inches long and is sighed by artist on back of bezel clasp.
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