Well the new year brings lots of excitement for me and my journey. After making jewelry for over 12 years I have acquired lots of scrap expensive metal- So this year I am pledging myself to recycle all my wonderful sterling silver into pieces of art! This has not been an easy journey to learn but now I am so excited that I can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Metals! I just melt scrap pieces into a sterling silver blobs, pour into a nugget shape, flat with a rolling mill, hammer to death, form, sand, solder, polish etc and here is my final piece! Easy piezy-ya right....but it's the right thing to do and you get such lovely new jewelry!
Includes is one pair of Stick and Stone Earrings- Skinny Sterling Silver bars with wrapped silver and complimentary black Onyx stones - This are sexy and long 50 mm x 4mm to the sterling silver ear wire.
Such a unique pair of earrings- definitely a OOAK (One of a kind)!  
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