For those who need a face with a name ~ Do you think the sparkles are too much for us bling gals??

Trudi Madison was born and raised in the beautiful and scenic Utah.  Such incredible inspiration, color and landscapes, help to inspire her creative work. She is married and with her husband they share 2 wonderful children which all support her creative efforts. (Trust me-the family puts up with glass, beads and metal all over the place!)

Maintaining a very business life style is where the business name was inspired. All of her work is created “AfterDark” when she finally gets some time to herself. Thus the business name ~Created for you~ “AfterDark”.

She continues to explore her artist lifestyle selling fine art glass beads on E-Bay and Etsy with her brother Scott Tanner of Tanner Studio’s. Together they have created a well known and respected business of selling hand-blown glass art beads.

Jewelry design has been her main focus the past 15 years and sells mainly in art shows a few times a year. She focuses on unique and different styles by using sterling silver wire, PMC silver clays and artistic hand-blown glass beads.

Creating and exploring glass, silver wire and gemstones has been a great therapeutic and creative outlet to combat the normal crazy life style of work and family.

Being self-taught for many aspects of her work she would also like to give credit and thanks to her inspirational teachers, books and mentors which have been part of her journey in learning to create art.

Connie Fox has been a wonderful instructor in wire, metal, color and design.  What an inspirational instructor and friend.
Rene Vengas Metal Smithing has been instrumental the past year to help mingle the sterling silver with her art glass.
Scott Tanner has been a close partner, friend, family member and mentor in flaming glass and creating art glass beads. Together they have learned, explored and created some amazing work.
Harold Cooney- Amazing boro glass artist. Blew my mind with amazing skill working with boro glass.  A day is not enough with this guy.
John Kobuki- Glass Marble Master in my book.  Amazing work- wish I could spend more time with him as well.

Some amazing books who have also helped in learning the art would include Corina’s book “Passing the Flame”, and Cindy Jenkins instructional books on glass art.

Published Work:

The Flow Magazine: Winter 2005 1st annual Gallery of Women in Glass.

The Flow Magazine: Winter 2008 4th annual Gallery of Women in Glass.

The Flow Magazine: Winter 2010 6th annual Gallery of Women in Glass.

Artist Statement

Designing unique jewelry and fine art glass beads is a creative outlet and one of my most valuable tools to release daily stress. Learning and growing in new areas brings a sense of satisfaction and self worth. I think educating yourself through research, reading and being mentored by others is a great accomplishment in itself.

For me, time is very precious and when I can give my time in a piece of art to a friend or family member it means so much to me.

Art clears the sole and head and it will always be a part of my life in one media form or another.

About “Lampwork” or fine Art Glass Beads

My art glass beads are made with a mix of oxygen from a generator and propane which fuel a Lynx torch which creates a very hot flame.  Different types of glass from around the world is melted into a soft honey texture and wrapped around a stainless steel mandrel to create the bead. Once the beads are created they go directly into a very hot kiln which anneals the beads and helps build strength into the glass after changing the molecular formation.  Beads are then cleaned and displayed by color, style and design. After beads are ready for sell they are photographed by Scott Tanner and then I list them on Ebay.

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