My Collection of Biagi & Art Glass Bracelets Gallery
Hopefully this page will give you some inspiration and ideas for creating your own special Biagi and art glass bracelet.

Latest addition!! Peacock art glass beads and rose gold Biagi balls!

New from Biagi- CZ dangle charms
Interested? PM me for pricing...

New's bracelet for my collection

Amber Blossom Stick & Stone Recycled Euro Charm bracelet

Amber Sun art glass beads with Biagi sterling silver beads


Got a little Princess who loves jewelry too- Well I do!  So we made a special Biagi bracelet with all of Brie's favorite things! (Basket ball, soccer, cell phones, butterflies, kisses, high heels & shopping-yup she will be scary when she hits the old teen years.)   Mom even made a few princess beads with love to add some color- 
Such a special bracelet for a special daughter- She treasures it and saves for special occasions.
 Customer order:  Wanta spell something out on your bracelet?? I don't stock alphabet letters but would gladly do a custom order for you! Just email me.
~Brie's Bracelet:  A few of Brie's favorite things~
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